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Water Quality Listing for Red Rocks Beach

Red Rocks Park Swimming Area is tested every Monday and Wednesday during the season (and whenever deemed necessary) to help ensure safe swimming conditions to the public. Anytime a sample comes back higher than the revised State Standard of 235, the Swimming Area will be closed as it is a potential health risk. Counts that cause us to close the beach will have a CLOSED in the Results column. Proper signage will be posted and Red Rocks Park Staff will inform patrons of water conditions upon entry to the park.

Visual inspections are made on a daily bases while the park is open for the season, and may result in Beach Closings regardless of the water sample testing, as a preventive measure. This will include the possibility of Blue-Green Algae Blooms present in the area. New tests will be done at these times to determine water quality and safety.

The State of Vermont has revised and adopted a water quality standard that indicates that an acceptable amount of E-Coli contamination should not exceed 235 organisms per 100 milliliters of water in a single sample.


June 1 2 Beach Open
June 6 727 Beach Closed
June 7 15 Beach Open
June 8 8 Beach Open
June 13 2 Beach Open
June 15 5 Beach Open
June 20 131 Beach Open
June 22 16 Beach Open
June 27 112 Beach Open
June 29 29 Beach Open
July 5 2 Beach Open
July 6 6 Beach Open
July 11 64 Beach Open
July 13 34 Beach Open
July 18 96 Beach Open
July 20 6 Beach Open
July 25 16 Beach Open
July 27 9 Beach Open
Aug 1 1 Beach Open
Aug 3 32 Beach Open
Aug 8 6 Beach Open
Aug 10 29 Beach Open
Aug 15 36 Beach Open
Aug 17 27 Beach Open
Aug 22 9 Beach Open
Aug 24 4 Beach Open
Aug 29 10 Beach Open


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